Prisma Stitches

Prisma Stitches is your premier embroidery digitizing service platform, where customers can bring their unique designs to life on a wide range of merchandise.

Jabran Ahmad

1 min read

Embroidery digitizing is a relatively uncommon service in Pakistan, which presented a challenge for Prisma Stitches in acquiring clients independently. It became our mission at Marketing Solutions to devise an effective solution to drive client acquisition. Leveraging the formidable power of Instagram and our adeptness in utilizing this platform for business growth, we embarked on a journey to transform Prisma Stitches' Instagram presence.

Our strategy involved crafting engaging, captivating, and trend-setting content and designs, tailored specifically to the needs of Prisma Stitches. We began by building their Instagram profile from the ground up, curating and posting fresh content daily. Additionally, we harnessed the potential of Instagram advertising to enhance their online visibility and reach a broader audience.

In just one month, this concerted effort bore fruit, as we successfully attracted potential clients to Prisma Stitches. Our campaign not only expanded their client base but also solidified their online presence, making them a sought-after destination for embroidery digitizing services in Pakistan.